Form Of An Angel

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Just when I thought I'd have to rise from the dead
The Great Spirit filled my head
From what I can tell, many are the forms of an angel
Brings you back to being young
Takes you far toward being sung / unsung

Relieves excessive pressure
Spares you from the drill
Lengthens the time you measure
Increasing the quality of your fill

E / Am (Latin)
E / G / Am / E (Rock)

Written and recorded in Ambler, Montgomery County and West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania. It started with a prayer. By being in touch with The Great Spirit, you can tap into a healing power. As I was writing the song, a lady stopped to say, "You play beautifully." As she said the words, her face was transformed... beautifully... making me consider... maybe that which you project onto others is also projected onto you?

Food For Thought Health and Wellness
Whistle While You Work Gardening

Daniel - Vocals, Guitars

from the album Last Christmas by Daniel Brouse

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