A Page in The Book

A Page in The Book .mp3

Taking a second look
I should have known you were a crook
Looks like now you’ll be a page in The Book

When you try to runaway, lie and hide
From your responsibilities
You invoke your own reciprocity
Causing grave disabilities
A mark on your history

Once upon a time,
Your story invaded mine
And, it looks like you’re a page in The Book

It may not be too late to change your fate
Seek forgiveness for your sin and be born again
Then, this scary tail may have a happy ending

Raise the vibe while you’re alive!
Be the climax to the story
With your new found glory
Forevermore our story
In The Book

C / F
C / B / A / A / A / B / C

Written on November 4, 2012 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Daniel - Vocals, Keyboards, Engineering

from the album Last Christmas by Daniel Brouse

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