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by the KingArthur.com Holiday Band

The First Christmas Eve Night.mp3

The First Christmas Eve Night

LYRICS Don’t you love this time of year There’s just enough nip in the air To see the night sky clear Chorus And it makes you wonder Star bright About the first Christmas night Don’t you love this time of year When goodwill fills the air Heart and soul can […]

Christmas Tradition.mp3

Xmas Mojo / Christmas Tradition

LYRICS Born into the body of a human Only to learn about sufferin’ Causing the Prince Of Peace to cease Until the 3rd Day re-release Get your mojo cross mess on Remembering your Christmas tradition He came upon a midnight clear To eliminate hate, greed and fear To illuminate compassion and love With […]

Icicle (Music Video).mp4


LYRICS The water was dripping Changed state now is forming An icing Of icicles Jack Frost is nipping The temperature dipping Sub-freezing Gives chills Zero and dropping With no sign of stopping Bone chilling Icicles Winter spectacles ABOUT THIS SONG Chords — Csus4 C7 (optional ending Fsus4) 112 beats per minute […]

Birth Of Christmas.mp3

The Birth Of Christmas

LYRICS Upon him, I cast my eyes What a surprise Mesmerized I realize The power of the spirit Do not fear it I want to endear it Rationalized Heaven on Earth realized Immortalized Heaven on Earth realized ABOUT THIS SONG Chords — C Bm Daniel — Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizers From the album […]



LYRICS There’s light at the end… There’s light at the end… There’s light at the end of the tunnel Lord, deliver us from this hell hole Gloria Gloria hysteria Hallelujah, the hell hole is over You brought light into the world When “The End” […]

Cheer Cheer.mp3

Cheer Cheer

LYRICS The days grew shorter The nights grew longer Winter Solstice Is upon us Cheer for that Christmas cheer Cheer for a brand new year Anticipation heightened Burden of the load lightened Goodwill is here (hear) As Christmas draws near Cheer for that Christmas cheer Cheer for a brand new year The very […]

Christmas Ditty.mp3

Christmas Ditty

LYRICS Here’s a Christmas ditty Hopefully, something pretty A gift to you and all your kin From the country to the city The dense to the witty May goodwill come back to you again and again Listen to the angels sing The saving grace they bring ABOUT THIS SONG Chords — E add […]

Old Fashioned Christmas.mp3

Old Fashioned Christmas

LYRICS Ho, ho, ho, hallelujah Ho, ho, ho, hallelujah Do you know How does the saying go? Recipe for a gingerbread house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse Do you know How does the saying go? Stockings hung by the chimney with care Something about roasting chestnuts there Do […]

Soulidarity Suite.mp3


LYRICS The whiteness of the snow, ya know… Tends to cover the blemish of disaster Makes one less selfish with the laughter Are you better off living life Letting your hourglass sand sieve Or, giving all you can give Give of your soul I want to hear your […]

Next Door Neighbor.mp3

Next Door Neighbor

LYRICS Leave them screaming for some more Your neighbor Next door Your neighbor Next door Love thy neighbor As thy self Preserve self-wealth Could be less fancy Call yourself Nancy Crowned Dog God No matter how odd Better off plowing Where it’s been snowing A path to peace At the very least […]

December Freeze.mp3

December Freeze

LYRICS Icicles hanging from the trees Results of a December freeze Snowflakes dancing in the breeze An opportunity for us to seize What do you say… let’s seize the day Stockings hanging from the mantel Christmas ornaments… be extra gentle A tree topped with an archangel An opportunity for the gentile Let it […]

King With No Name.mp3

King With No Name

LYRICS Never sat upon a throne Never wore a crown Never called himself King That’s just the thing I never called myself King Of The Jew How about you? And, how would you Like a crown of thorn On your throne Crucifixion Soul extinction? At least not a lone (He was […]

Vision Collision.mp3

Vision Collision

LYRICS A challenge To a scrimmage Can you create the image In your mind’s eye Of utopia… ahhhhh…. For you… and I, too, will try Imagine a collision Of both our visions A love explosion At last, solution Peace and love and harmony Breaking out everywhere Beautiful to see Please let it be […]

Season Of Giving.mp3

Season Of Giving

LYRICS Turn churn living loving If every season was the season of giving Giving the living loving What if you wanted to get closer to heaven You wouldn’t want to feel like you where missin’ Heaven If you really want to get down to earth with heaven Let yourself in Begin Giving […]

Oy vey Holiday.mp3

Oy vey Holiday

LYRICS Who is the most famous Jew To you? Da ya think he observed Passover and Hanukkah Hugh, do ya? Chorus And what do you think he’d say About Christmas Day Celebration… Or jaw-dropping dismay Easter… Passover Christmas lights… Celebration 8 days and nights Chorus Turkey leftover Manger re-creation Imagine… Graven image […]

Gift Shopping.mp3

Gift Shopping

LYRICS Our birth Is God’s gift to the Earth What are you going to do About your Christmas shopping, too? It’s not odd Getting God A gift It’s a matter of if Instead of just for Lent I was thinking of a lifetime servant That would be Me For free God, Your present […]

Why Not.mp3

Why Not?

LYRICS As you go about your busy day As you scurry along your way As you fret over the bills to pay Don’t forget to take the time and say Hey! Hey! Why not Pick up the pieces they forgot Hey! Hey! Why not Pick up the people they forgot Hey you, the […]

Shout! (Video).mp4


LYRICS So Joshua son of Nun Had to get the job done Had to get the battle won It came to be found … just turn up the sound They found… just turn up the sound Blow trumpets Show rhythm Now our battle hymn, “Shout!” x6 And the walls came tumbling down […]

Come And Get It.mp3

Come And Get It!

LYRICS On our way to Grandmother’s house Where Mom lived ‘fore she became a Brouse Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Then, turkey dinner all homemade With mashed potatoes and gravy All the condiments… so savory A cornucopia of smells swell To the point you can tell – Supper’s ready! Come and get […]

Home For Christmas (Music Video).mp4
Home For Christmas.mp3

Home For Christmas

LYRICS If you’re feeling all alone at Christmas Feelings for all the people you miss Please remember you’re never alone Wherever you are… you’re at home Please remember you’re never alone If you’re feeling blue… another year anew Feeling life is slipping away… you’re blue Please remember […]

Angel's Agent (Christmas Music Video).mp4
Angel's Agent.mp3

Angels Agent

LYRICS We three kings travel as far Under the direction of the brightest star Have you heard what I’ve heard Shepherds herd shepherds Under the direction of an angel’s angle We three kings — holy ghost, father, son Under the light of the brightest star – The sun […]

Fall Into Winter.mp3

Fall Into Winter

LYRICS Though the temperature’s dropping The season is rocking As we fall into winter The heat of rapture Can’t help but capture Your heart The warmth is part The warmth impart Heaven’s lark Let the songbird be heard ABOUT THIS SONG Chords — A A+G# Ab slide up and octave to A […]

Get Your Wings.mp3

Get Your Wings

LYRICS Imagine your mind with wings Imagine the things it brings Imagine a chorus sings Chorus of angels rings In a new time The voices chime Hallelujah, yeah, yeah, yeah ABOUT THIS SONG Chords — Em Em9 E7sus4 Twisted 16 beat groove with 12 to 16 E swing. 80 BPM. Made in […]

In The Air.mp3

In The Air

LYRICS I heard the first snowflake fell You could tell from the children’s yell Feeling swell takin’ in the Christmas smell You can smell the season in the air Awash with the waft of love and care I heard of heaven and hell Could all be a matter of, “Oh, well.” There […]

The State Meant

LYRICS Oh hear ye merry gentlemen Oh here ye merry gentlemen Oh hear ye ladies and gents Here’s the message… heaven sent The situation of my evolution is in a horrible state The civics of our economics decays at an unbelievable rate Now, the homeless on the street Are the […]

Yuletidal Wave.mp3

Yuletidal Wave

LYRICS Christmas time draws near Gonna ride the yuletide cheer You’ll surely see clear Catch the wave, my dear Into the new year Christmas time drew near She rode a mule there Her manger for Him in Bethlehem The spirit of Christmas cheer Born in that year Christmas time draws near Gonna ride […]

Into The Light.mp3

Into The Light

LYRICS March out of the shadows in the night March into the light Christian warriors fight the good fight March out of the gallows without spite March into the light And be free Fight the beast in me Christian warrior Fight the beast in me Christian warrior Take me to your savior […]



LYRICS Merry Christmas Happy New Year So glad We grew nearer Watching the time go I begin to know You better Catching the time go We grow nearer And dearer ABOUT THIS SONG Chords — FM7 Bb Fsus4 F C7 F 138 beats per minute / Heavy Metal with brushes and a Country Twist […]

The North Pole.mp3

The North Pole

LYRICS Which way’s the goal Oh, hell. Noel! The troll wants a toll Oh, hell. Noel! Which way’s the goal Roundtrip from the north pole Sleigh bells ring Children sing Parents on a shoestring Pray Santa will bring Something Anything ABOUT THIS SONG Chords — Em E E G A A G […]

Krampus The Christmas Demon.mp3

Krampus The Christmas Demon

LYRICS Instead of sugar plum fairies and figs Your vision could be filled with a fag of twigs Is Krampus amongst us? Have you been naughty or nice If Krampus is amongst us… Better think twice It won’t be “all is well” When he scares out the living hell Scaring out […]

Birthday Cake Recipe.mp3

Birthday Cake Recipe

LYRICS It’s time to season the season With the spice of life Add a slice with no strife Mouth waterin’… heart pleasin’ Find a reason with reason A taste of good taste No crumb going to waste Mouth waterin’… heart pleasin’ Take a bite. I ain’t teasin’ Sprinkle some love on lovin’ […]

The New Year Mad Math Method.mp3

The New Year Mad Math Method

LYRICS Why do we countdown on New Year’s Eve? When I think of time, it’s hard to perceive 10,9,8…. Wait! How much time between now and the end of 13 2013 364 23 59 50, 51, 52…. 2014 Know what I mean? Burst onto the scene The New Year’s […]

Bumbles Bounce Music Video.mp4
Bumbles Bounce.mp3

Bumbles Bounce

LYRICS An abominable snowman Part creature… part man The part abominable Most probable Man Abominable… causing moral revulsion Diversion, subversion, exclusion Time for the inclusion solution Let’s hope humanity can bounce back After our ethical attack Pushed ourselves over the cliff Mostly over a religious riff The penalty… swift and stiff Time to […]

Never Alone On Christmas.mp3

You Are Never Alone On Christmas (The Grinch That Stole The Christmas Blues)

You’re never alone on Christmas
Isn’t that what it’s all about?
Feeling lonely is only if you miss
The essence of the Christmas presence

Let’s figure it out?
The love will always be there, I swear
As long as there’s someone…
As long as there’s anyone…
As long as someone cares
That someone could be you
Lord, lordy, Lord, Lord, lordy
Lord, with you…. make two
And, as far as I can see
There’s me
(… that’s three…)
For crying out loud — A CROWD!

Singing Merry Christmas, Almighty
Bless you for taking pity
And, keeping me company

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