Reach Out

Reach Out Video

Hiccup in the make-up
Of our precious galaxy
Break-up in the make-up
Of Man versus monkey
It's getting hard to tell
Revolve into shadow
With our backs to the light
Devolve ever shallow
Digging deep into night
Well... it's getting harder to tell
Parting between heaven and hell
Breakout of the shackles
You've placed on your life
Shout out
The Word tackles
Replaces love for your strife
When it's getting harder to tell
Which direction's heaven... which is hell
Reach out
And seek out
Your touch within range
No doubt
You'll find out
Really not that strange
You'll see
Is up to you and me
We choose
Win or lose
Life's the name
Of our game

Chords: C E E7 / C D E / C A / E / C D E C B7 E; Part II 93 Beats Per Minute
Instrumentation: Vocals, Ibanez Acoustic Guitar, Fender Electric Guitar, Fender Jazz Bass, Keyboards (Korg PS60, Casio WK-3500, Yamaha PSR-740, MiniNova, MicroKorg)

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