Band Together
aka Praise Band & Let's Raise Some Praise

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Let's band together,
For some praise,
Hear what kind of noise,
We can raise.

Let's lift it higher,
Never tire,
Living forever,
Raising praise.

Let's raise some praise:

(Psalm 66:1)
Make a joyful noise,
All at hand,
Let everyone hear,
'CROSS the land.


(Psalm 81:1 & Psalm 95:1)
Sing aloud -- make noise!
Strength of all.
Oh come -- make more noise!
Return my call?


(Psalm 98:4)
Make a joyful noise,
For the LORD.
Make a loud noise -- rejoice!
All the earth!
Hear what noise we raise?
Rejoice. Sing praise!

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