6 BC

music and lyrics by Eric Visnov, Anthony Zinno and Daniel Brouse
performed by The End

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6 BC .MP3 [Traditional / Folk Version]

Dm / Am7 / Dm / E7 / Am

A cold December eve
I sat back
Into my seat
Started thinking about the things
That I just could not believe

Well, it's hard to know
Exactly what they mean
When they're saying all the things
That I can not believe

Listening from my windowsill
I have heard this all before
Death on Christmas morning
While another ones being born

Send the men with crosses
Send them out with swords
Protect the word that's spoken
From the ones they serve

Upon the night when children dreamed
What joy thought tomorrow bring
A watchful eye takes a blink To shield them from the son

Mother Nature's grinning mad
Unwilling to compromise
Shows no signs of mercy
As she comes to take your life


Joseph and Mary were at Bethlehem to enroll [in the census] when Jesus was born (Luke 2: 1-7). Quirinius, the Governor of Syria, conducted this census. Based on the believed date of this census, some place Jesusí birth at 6 B. C.

Is it hard to believe that Jesus was born in 6BC? Does that make any sense to you? Is religion real? What happens to religious beliefs when humans extinct themselves?

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