The Meaning of Life

What's the meaning of our life
It's much to short to tell
Find the answer on the other side
Might do just as well
... so long as it's not hell

What's the purpose of goodwill
Sometimes it's hard to tell
To let some empathy instill
Might do us all well
... might keep me out of that hell

What good is peace on Earth
If no one's here to tell
Extinction rules out their birth
To late to say, "Oh, well."
... likely be living in that hell

Chords: Gm F Gm / C Bb Gm; 128 BPM
Instrumentation: Vocals, Xylophone, Electric Guitar, Keyboards (Yamaha PSR740, Korg PS60, MicroKorg)

A song about The Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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