In Angel Skin

Though it couldn’t be
A happy ending
I’m glad to see
A new beginning
The new — beginning
A knew begin in…
Now that I know
What I know now
It’s like dyin’
And going to heaven
Born again
In angel skin
Fallen back to Earth in angel skin
Born again
That’s what I call livin’
I’m glad to see
It could be
A new beginning beginning
Livin’ in heaven
Born in angel skin/p>

Style: Electronic / EDM / Progressive / Alternative Rock
Chords: Am Asus4 A7sus4 Am7(11) Am7 / EM7 EM7aug Asus4 A / Gsus4 Asus4; 120 BPM Ambient and 60 BPM 16 Beat
Recording: original take / digital 1-track stereo

Vocals, Keyboards and Synthesizers

Christmas Creations
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