For Friends Giving

The cooks are in the kitchen
Smells like it won’t be too long
The scent gets me itchin’
For a savory holiday song

Takin’ a trip down memory lane
Do you want to remain
Or come along?

I feel that appetite
And, it’s coming on strong
Gonna try with all my might
Temptation don’t steer me wrong


What dish do you fancy
Something we have or you brought along
Maybe turkey with gravy
Dilute with moonshine… we all belong


From the heart
It’s coming through true
From the soul impart
The “thank you” you are do!


For Friends Giving.mp3

Style: Alternative Folk Rock
Chords: D C G D / C Em C Em Am / C E A
Recording: original take / digital 1-track stereo

Vocals, Guitar

Written at Friendsgiving in Pittsfield, MA.

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