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You're a very odd God,
Imagine me as your image,
Shame I have to act my age,
To bad I had to grow up,
And, get a job.
Would have been better off,
Staying odd.

I've never heard of baby lies,
Nor infants that fight,
Until one dies.
It just doesn't seem right,
Plastic surgery of the human soul,
Is an immortal toll,
Have we lost sight,
Of our real goal?

You're a very odd God,
My hat's off to you,
Here's a wink,
And, a nod.
What did I think,
Trying to be more human,
I might have used my might,
To stay more like you! Amen!

Like... childliked.
Innocent and pure,
That's for sure.
Now I'm psyched!
Childlike childliked!

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