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These midi's are recordings of live music. The instruments used to create them include: Yamaha PSR-740, MicroKorg, Korg 707, Fender Stratocaster and Roland GR-1, Ensonic VFX, Roland Octapad, Casio Digital Horn and whatever else is handy. If you want the midi's to sound like music, it helps if your playback device has these capabilities: General Midi, XG, XF, VH for XG, Disk Orchestra, Style File and Portamento. In the event your device does not have some of these features, it may be necessary to alter the patches (voices). [example: instead of hearing the drums in channel 10, it sounds like an out-of-tune piano. You can edit the midi file and delete the patches from channel 10. Then, you should hear the drums.]

What's Up?

Well, you can download Up. And, Up is free for all. Yeah, that's what's Up!

Peter Gabriel and R.E.M. happened to put out albums at the same time called, Up.

"When I first found out about the REM album title I thought that my 'Up' project, which had always been related to rivers, was now going 'Up shit creek' " says Gabriel. "However, after some reflection and consultation with REM I have decided to keep the name of my album intact. I have been living in an 'Up' world for four years now and have no wish to come down."
-- Peter Gabriel

"We hope in the future that all bands will also adopt this title in a showing of solidarity."
-- Peter Buck

After they released their pop / alternative and progressive rock albums, Shania Twain went on to release a country album named, Up.

We've decided to name our whole band, Up. Most of our album titles and songs also include the word up (since we try to make upbeat music.)

Now, the rest is up to you. (p.s. Don't be afraid to turn it up!)

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