Sustainability Challenge

Take The Sustainable Living Challenge
What more valuable game can you play than the game of living? Why not try it? One step at a time. Perhaps the human race is not ready to try sustainable living on a global basis. However, why not see if you can sustain yourself for one (1) day? Can you meet your present needs without compromising future generations?

1) Can you feed yourself for a day?
Can you meet your present needs of food and water for 1 day? Using money, barter or similar means of acquisition are against the rules. Hunting, fishing and gathering within the law are allowed. Low impact gardening is also acceptable. You are free to invent your own methods, as long as, you leave no "footprint."

2) Can you be responsible for your own waste for a day?
Can you fulfill the need of trash disposal without impacting future generations? What about your excrement? It is against the rules to haul, flush, launch or otherwise dispose of your waste onto someone else's property. You may adapt any method, as long as, you leave no "footprint."

It's a fight until death. Literally, the human race must meet this challenge, or else, we will cause our own extinction. If you are able to succeed at sustainable living for one day, it might be possible to join together with your fellow humans. Can you imagine that -- the whole wide-world participating in a sustainable environment?

To date, the vast majority of people to have met the challenge have been children. Perhaps an even more amazing fact is the percentage of children that have eaten worms. What will you do?

Please take the challenge. Then, tell us how you did. If you supply us with what you consumed and produced, as well as, how it was acquired and disposed, we will rate and rank your results. A high rating could result in a prize award.

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Thank you.

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