How to Build a Bio(logical) Feedback Farm

Create A
Bottle Garden

People often ask, "What can I do to help the world be a better place." Well, here is something that you can do! It is easy and fun. Why wouldn't everyone try it?

Building your own bio-feedback farm will help reduce these types of pollution:

  1. grocery and shopping bag trash
  2. empty bottles
  3. old clothes
  4. carbon dioxide (CO2)

Building your own bio-feedback farm will help create:

  1. fertilizer
  2. food
  3. O2

Here is how to do it:

How to build your
own biofeedback farm diagram.

  1. Find a bottle from the trash. Try different shapes and colors to see how it effects plant growth. Then, fill it about 3/4 full of water. (If you fill it while warming your bath water, you'll help save water and lessen sewage, too.)
  2. Stuff a biodegradable grocery or shopping bag into the bottle. If you are filling a large bottle or milk jug, you may need to use several bags. Sometimes plastic bottles are too top heavy. In this case, you may want to put some stones in before stuffing the bag.
  3. Tear a strip of rag so that it is as long as the bottle and an inch or 2 wide. Push it in past the bag so that it reaches the bottom. Place the excess on top of the bag. This cloth will act as a wick bringing water up from the bottom of the bottle to keep your plant moist.
  4. Put enough dirt in to cover the top of the bag. Next, drop a seed in and cover it with a little more dirt.
  5. Finally, place the bottle on a windowsill with a southern exposure (if you live in the northern hemisphere.)

Depending on the size of your bottle, the type of plant, temperature and other variables, you will need to periodically add water. We suggest planting foods you like to eat. Beans, tomatoes, peas and cucumbers all seem to grow well. But, try whatever you like. (I'm growing popcorn in a milk jug right now!)

Here are some more pictures and a print-out of the diagram.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Good luck!

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