By Rachel Lebihan, ZDNet Australia
ZDNet News
September 20, 2001 5:15 AM PT

An Australian security company has called three major Asian organizations "criminals" and the main culprits propagating hundreds of thousands attacks from the Nimda worm.

Janteknology claimed to have had 30,000 probes from the malicious worm up to midnight last night and 17,000 so far today, the majority of them propagated from eight IP addresses hosted in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Korean Network Information Centre has six attacking servers and both Hutchison Corporate Access Hong Kong Limited and the Ministry of Education in Thailand have one attacking server, according to Janteknology’s Glenn Miller.

"These people have got to be named," Miller told ZDNet Australia. "These people are criminals. Their servers are propagating [malicious] probes at an outrageous rate. Systems are going to meltdown because of the traffic being generated by these attacks."

If these IP addresses are attacking Janteknology’s servers they will be attacking everyone’s servers, according to Miller, who says the three companies should be liable for the damage they cause. "They’re irresponsible to the extreme," he said.

"The Korean Network Information Center's servers should be shut down -- they’re a risk to commercial systems worldwide," he added.

Miller said he was about to notify the offending companies and ask them: "How much liability do you want because you’ve probably got the whole world coming after you."

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