Stop That Noise's Can't Hang

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shot during the Miles To Oz Festival

(written by steve holloway, mark simon, kyle turner)
performed by Stop That Noise


don't know how you ever got this notion
about the way that things should be
try to get a grasp on your emotions
it's not at all that bad, you see

can't hang, can't hang, can't hang
can't hang, can't hang, can't hang
you cry 'bout every little thang
can't hang, can't hang, can't hang

go and find an expensive psychoanalyst
maybe she'll provide you with some clues
extensive explanations of why you should exist
figure you've got nothing left to lose


self-destructive feelings are insidious
you may not know 'til it's too late
but when you see your death, it becomes obvious
that nothing matters anyway


kyle turner-vocals and bass
steve holloway-drums

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