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That Noise Shot The following event took place during the original Miles To Oz weekend. Spontaneity and destiny collided when Sidd, the low temperature physicist, and the guys from Glistening Trail Records set out to meet their friends, Steve Holloway and Kyle Turner. The group had found each other over the Internet at RomBox.Com. It would be their first meeting. Sidd and the gang were interested in finding out how Stop That Noise fits into RomBox and The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment. It would be an experiment in the chaotic systems of spontaneity and destiny.

And, this is what happened....

Stop That Noise
Live from the Pontiac Grill, South Street, Philadelphia, PA

The Gig

Kyle stevey Kyle, Again

Check out the napkin graphic at the top of the page for Steve Holloway's handwritten set-list.

Video Downloads
Four Letters (1.4M avi download)
Can't Hang (1.9M avi download)

Pre & Post Show Notes

Sidd and the gang had a lot of fun with Dry-ice, as well as, other multimedia experiments. However, the biggest surprise was how Stop That Noise fit into the chaos theory experiment, "Man can Improvise to Obtain a Balance Between Spontaneity and Destiny."

Kyle exhibited an amazing ability to create balance in music by combining screaming bass lines, and at the same time, he was able to create a counter balance with screaming lead vocals. Don't try it at home... it could be dangerous.

Steve, on the other hand, is one of the best drummers the world has ever seen. Not only that, but he plays in multi-bands. In fact, that same night he played with the improvisional band Cross Town Traffic. Throughout the night he demonstrated his ability to play anything, with anybody, at anytime without missing a beat.

I was so impressed that I asked Steve and another great improvisor involved in the project, C. Moore Teetes, to write a piece -

Improvising: Jam Bands and Song Bands

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