Sense Able

How does it feel,
To be alive?
It's a big deal,
To survive.

How do you feel?
How do you feel?
Living life... does invigorate,
How do you feel?
Alright... I like it that way.

Don't let things,
Get you down,
When trouble stings,
Get outta town,
When the weight of the world,
Starts to smother,
Find another,
And, let it be told:

How do you feel?
How do you feel?
Slightly spastic,
Because... I'm invigorated,
And, determined,
To delay the end.
The sensation,
Of existence,
Of substance,
The gift of sense,
Is toooo generous,
May I make peace,
With my lil' piece,
Take in,
Then, release,
All there is see,
All there is to hear,
All there is to touch,
All there is to smell,
All there is to taste,
No sensation waste,
No!  Not for me,
I love it so much,
Being here,
Can you tell?

How do you feel?
How do you feel?
Time well spent,
How do you feel?
Without relent,
It's a big deal.

Are you able to sense?
Are you sense able?
Life is no fable,
Let's commence,

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