Who Ordered The Roast Beast?

Thought I was just sittin' here,
Minding my own business,
When it all came clear,
How is there "own" in togetherness?

Waiter!  What's the scoop?
There's a fly in my soup.
"Sir, that's just the nature of the beast."
But, who ordered beast?

Thought I could ignore my neighbor,
Should have figured what was in store,
'Cause when I answered the door,
There was horror!


When I looked in the mirror,
The most horrid error?
It was the beast giving me the stare,
How unfair.


I've met the enemy,
He's us,
You and me...
It does disgust.


We've released the beast,
With no way to cage him... again,
Our goodwill ceased,
And, trouble did begin.


At the very least,
Can I have the roasted beast?
Well done...
Might be kinda fun.

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