This song helped inspire, and in turn was inspired by the Harry I. Browse 100% Access Experiment

I Browse

Take a look around,
What love can be found?

Take a look around,
The stars are falling to the ground,
The Perseid meteor showers,
Rain down for hours.

Take a look around,
The fire's charring the ground,
Oroville turns to horrorville...
Northern California looks horrible.

Take a look around,
Floods are covering up the ground,
2-thirds of Bangladesh submerged,
Humanitarian relief is urged.

Take a look around,
Don't let it bring ya down,
For She understands human,
And, prays for us to win!

I browse the scene,
Avoid the mean,
Try n' come clean,
Before the Queen.

Eyebrows protect my eyes,
I browse protect my -- I,
As she protects me,
Through faith in She.

Take a look around,
There's love to be found.

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