You Have To See It To Believe It!

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I'm telling ya,
It's something you have to see,
To believe.

I'm warning ya,
Proceed very carefully,
And, leave.

Tornadoes touching down,
People trapped in homes,
May drown,
No electric... no phones,
Winds whirling,
Rain pounding.

Definitely in a flood zone,
Watching a truck float by belly up,
Hope I'm not alone,
Wanting the devastation to stop,
Trees falling,
Water rising.

Ivan The Terrible,
Devastation is horrible,
Anyone afloat,
Try to save 'em by boat,
Anyone alive,
Hope they can dive,
No chance to win,
If you can't swim.

A waterfall flows from a window well,
Like watching mother nature cast a spell,
Look! There goes someone's shed,
I hope they're not dead,
Wading waste deep in tainted water,
Trying to save pictures of their daughter,
Look! There's another mud slide,
Can you believe how wide?
The farmers' fields fail to float,
Making a harvest very remote,
Bridges break as the banks bulge,
What other tricks will Ivan divulge,
As he makes his way through,
What effect will it have on you?

Perhaps you will escape without physical harm,
But, I hope the degradation,
Of the human condition... does alarm?

So, sad,
It's something you'd have to see to believe,
Too, bad,
There's not more I can do to relieve.

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