Sensation All

Like trying to tie my shoes,
Wearing boxing gloves,
It's how I feel about you,
Trying to explain my love.
I'm all thumbs,
And, feeling dumb,
Cause I can't find the words to say,
The way...
I feel.
(Though it's real.)

Tongue tied,
I've tried and tried,
Scratched my head,
For what can be said,
A thesaurus is no source,
If there is no expression,
For my impression,
I know it sounds strange...
There's nothing in our language.
(What could be worse?)

Blind folded,
Swinging at a pinata,
It's hit or miss,
Discussing this.
About ya.

There is no reason nor rhyme,
I've committed no crime,
My sentence --
No sentences.

If there is a word... what?

Your stimulation --
A sensational sensation,
In need of exceptional articulation,
An emotional declaration,
In need of exclamation!


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