Who Gives A Dam?

When the water rises,
And, you feel crisis,
I give a dam.

When your emotions are ebbing over,
I give a dam.


When it feels like your going under,
Here I am!
Take my hand....


When anger spills over the flood gate,
I'll try to hold back the hate.
If you ever feel as though it's too late,
Here I am.
I give a dam!
Here we are,

Here we are!
We can hear!
We'd love to listen,
To your suggestion,
Or, what you're wondering.
Then, again...
If you're just glad we exist,
Well... er, a... 
We're just glad to have made your list.

Now, let's see what we can do,
Me and you,
It's not to late,
To hold back hate,
Do what we can,
Give a dam!
You know?
Hold back the flow!
Here I am,
I give a dam.

Do it like a beaver,
Give a dam.
I give a dam.
Here I am.
I give a dam.

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