Am I a self-contradiction,
With every syllable,
Of my diction?
It's plausible,
I'm living in fiction.

At odds,
With God's,
A soul's poison.

As time goes past,
I ask,
How long will this briefing last?
Is your comment,
"No comment"?
There is nothing there.
I'm absolutely unsure,
Of my accurate estimate,
Oh, my goodness,
Before it's too late,
Please pass...
The plastic silverware,
For my hot chili,
"Awfully nice,"
He says.
Act naturally?
Almost always...
Everybody wants to go to heaven,
Then again,
Nobody wants to die!
Secret advice,
Ahhh... that's altogether separate?

What's been said,
Sure makes me,
Look like a butt head.

Inconsistent statement,
Communicating the conflicting, 
Inexplicable babble,
Is a sad, sad, story.

Repeat 1st verse

I was thinking about the latest discussions -- fate, destiny
and the way things happen(ed)

...about learning from a mistake
...about learning from misfortune
...about taking things personal that should be
...about not taking things personal that shouldn't be

when this linux quote popped up at me:
        "One of the worst of my many faults is that
        I'm too critical of myself."

which made me think of an old joke:
        "i use to be conceited... but now i'm perfect."

heeehe... if you think about the way people talk about
their past and their future/destiny... they often contradict
themselves in the same sort-of way?

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