No Turning Back

Hold on,
Cause there's no turning back,
Come on,
Turn off the light,
And, close the door,
Watch it turn black,
The future's in sight,
There's a whole lot more,
So, forge on,
Cause there's no turning back,
Besides... there's nothing we lack,
We've got each other,
Blood, water and food,
What would you rather?
What did I not include?

We need nothing,
That we don't already possess,
We've got everything...
That we "need,"
Now, let's head for success,
And, settle for nothing less,
Cause there's no turning back,
No erasing mistakes,
So, let's pick up the slack,
Since they're raising the stakes,
Cause there's no turning back,
To undo our errors,
There's nothing you can do...
To turn back eras.

Me, you and time,
We can't turn back,
You might say it's a crime...
But, it is a fact,
There's no turning back,
Make progress our snack,
Feast on future,
They'll be nothing we lack.

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