Suffering succotash,
Don't throw out the wash,
With the waste water!

What's the matter?

If I don't suffer the consequence,
It means I can do no wrong,
So, if you've been following along,
To not suffer is a worse circumstance.

It means I can't make a mistake,
It means my freewill... you'll take,
For goodness sake!
It's time to wake!

If I don't suffer the fate of dying,
It means I'm immortal,
It means there is no sense in even trying,
And, that doesn't sound rational.

You'll take away my human quality,
And, turn me into a deity,
There'll be no hunger,
To know when to eat,
Will I live forever,
Will I mutilate my finger,
When I don't suffer from heat?
Placing my hand on a hot stove,
I wouldn't know enough to move.

What does this prove?

If you're not a sufferer,
You're not a liver,
But, that doesn't mean,
No pain, 
No gain,
Try to stay just this side,
Of the pain threshold,
All together,
The young and the old,
Don't run and hide,
Come outside,
End the divide,
Between those who suffer too much,
And, those who suffer not enough,
Give some a healing touch,
And, with some... you'll need to be rough,
But, remember to stay,
This side of the threshold,
So, that you may grow wise... and old.

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