A Taste Of The Future

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This song was inspired by the Bio(logical) Feedback Farm experiment.


Ya know,
I prefer lobster,
To escargot.

People ask me,
What I see,
Do they ask you,
What you're gonna do?

I tell 'em what,
I already did,
Prepared a blueprint,
Since I was a kid.

Prepared... chapter and verse:
When the rain clouds disperse,
A rainbow appears...
Trout, of course.
There's peanuts, popcorn and a prize,
Would ya care for some fries?
('Cause we aim to serve.)

When it comes to possibilities,
Why refuse...
To scrutinize the sequence,
Of our atrocities...
And, your circumstance?
That's when I realize,
I'd rather strategize,
Then, wake-up... surprised!
(I call that -- being prepared to lose.
Is that what you want to choose?)

The catfish are jumpin',
In my vegetable garden,
So, come hell or high water,
We won't be starvin',
If our prayers are taken --
And, everything's better,
Well... at the very least...
We'll have a celebration feast!

I mean... how can you go wrong,
Getting strong?
Why wouldn't you,
Get ready for the worst...
And, ready for the best,
... too?

Do you know,
Where you'll go?
Will you order lobster,
Or, escargot?

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