Conservative Compassionate
(Divided We Fall)

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A compassionate conservative,
Or, conservative with compassion?
Feeling it's something,
They have to ration.

A narrative,
On anything,
Would do us well.

You can't tax the rich,
To feed the poor,

You can't pull the plug,
On pension plans,
Without a hitch.

Social security,
For homeland security?

Are these God's plans,
Or man's?

Compassionate conservative,
Forgot how to hug,
Acting like a thug,
Tax and spend liberal,
Takes us for a fool,
And, still....
They say it's for our own good,
Hmmmm.... I suppose they would.

Conservative with compassion,
Feel it's something they have to ration,
Liberal with our tax dollars,
Makes ya wanna holler,
Setting the stage,
For rage.

Divided we fall,
United we demand,
Fair for all,
To understand?

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