Catching Flies

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Steppin' Stone (13.5 second sample)
600K 16 Bit Mono Wav File

Steppin' Stone
9M 16 Bit Mono Wav File
Steppin' Stone
15M 16 Bit Stereo Wav File

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The Songs:

Hunkey Dory
Just A Phase
Porch Swing
(19M 16bit Stereo Wav File)
3 minutes to Go
Happy Ever After
Steppin' Stone
(15M 16 Bit Stereo Wav File)

All songs written and performed by Catching Flies except
Steppin' Stone written by Bobby Hart/Tommy Boyce
Keep a watch out for their first video release which is being conceived, written, performed and produced by Glistening Flicks, in conjunction with Catching Flies.

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