The Crossfire Conspiracy

Still from the Crossfire Conspiracy/ 
Torn asunder by the forces that be
Still from the Crossfire Conspiracy/Lit match 
and dancing skeleton Still from the Crossfire Conspiracy/The Mind

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Still from the Crossfire Conspiracy/A  
little boy with a big gun

CROSSFIRE - I was raised between a wolf and a lamb
CROSSFIRE - At least I know who I am
I'm afflicted by the muse
I'm addicted to that fuse
I'm an overamped wire in a flesh and blood shell
CROSSFIRE - burn me well!

CROSSFIRE - Broken under creativity
CROSSFIRE - Torn asunder by the forces that be
There's a howling wind in my brain
There's a drum beat that drives me insane
There's a distant song that drives me along
CROSSFIRE - burning strong!

CROSSFIRE - Crossfire Conspiracy
CROSSFIRE - You don't want to be me
Nobody knows what I say
Nobody cares what I play
I'm a tree that falls in a forest unknown
CROSSFIRE - I burn alone!
Still from the Crossfire Conspiracy/A  
crotch and guitar


Guitars: Philip Gnarly
Bass: Eric Morton
Drums: Dean Butterworth
Vocals: Peter Cross and the Crossants
Engineering in LA: Philip Gnarley, Jimbo Head
Engineering in SF: Lance Thomason and Jay Bowman
Final Mix: Mark Needham
Multimedia Production: Glistening Flicks
Original Film Crew: Gail & Peter
2nd Grip: Sidd


Still from the Crossfire Conspiracy/
Facing up to the music.

This song is another oldie turned goodie in the end. Originally titled "Loneliness" and performed by Magic, the song was another one with no real meaning in the lyrics, but it was an honest attempt to deal with the subject of loneliness by someone who hadn't actually experienced the real thing yet, but would someday, and probably had a premonition of the horror to come. When the real thing came, it was worse than imagined. It opened the flood gates of creativity closed by tendonitis and failure, and gave birth to this song and many others. This song is autobiographical to the max. For Peter Cross, the concept of being caught in a crossfire of good and evil (creativity and destruction) perfectly describes the pain inside a human being driven obsessively by the creative force while at the same time being frustrated in the expression of that force. Everybody wants to be creative, to be "great", but how many are willing to pay the price if there has to be one? Does there have to be one? Peter Cross has paid dearly for his admission, plus admission for a few million others if they want a free, painless ride. Listen to the song. That's the free ride.

Still from the Crossfire Conspiracy/A  
peaceful, easy feeling At the Tiki Hut in Hollyweird, recording "The Crossfire Conspiracy" was very magical because Philip, Eric, and Dean got the song right away and cut it on the first take. Then Philip overdubbed rhythm and lead guitars, outrageous as usual. The lead guitar work was done while Peter Cross was oversleeping at Eric's in Laguna Beach. Philip's work was just what Peter wanted, and he didn't even have to be there in the studio to get it. Now that kind of irresponsibility doesn't often get rewarded so brilliantly. But Philip is that kind of guy.

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