Spagg's Takin' It Back

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        When I met you my life seemed so incomplete---
        Just 16 yrs. of wasted time---

        I had no confidence-I had no self-esteem---
        I was about to lose my mind---


        Then you came along and I gave it all to you---
        I laid it all down on the line---

        Now you've left and found somebody new---
        I'm taken it back if you don't mind---


        Now I wander around so God damned aimlessly---
        I've gave you everything I got---

        I gave you money I didn't have to give---
        I'll give you anything you wan't---

REPEAT  Chorus

Guitar Solo

REPEAT Verse 1

Chris Ellis---Vocals
Erik Gidney---Guitar, Vocals
Dusty Kirk---Guitar
Jim McClinton---Bass
Matt Jones---Drums

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