The Membrane Domain

A Jimi Hendrix Experience
1997 Andy Cahan

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Try Me?

September, 1968, Hollywood California. I started working for a subsidiary of Mercury Records called Pulsar Records. It was headed by Irwin Garr, a friend of my Mom's. That's how I got the job. I was pulling in a whopping $40.00 a week as "office boy". You know, getting the coffee, running errands. I was assigned 'personal assistant' to Graham Bond, originator of the "Graham Bond Organization" with Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce (pre -'Cream'). He was the first one to bring the Mellotron over from Europe to the States. He was into black magic, lighting candles, making and breaking spells. We became good friends and he would always include me on all of his adventures.

One morning he told me to pick him up in my VW bus and to bring my Baldwin electric harpsichord, (that I had hooked up through a Hammond leslie), pretty cool for that time! There I was at "TTG" studios on Highland Ave. and Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood California November 1968, setting up my Baldwin, while Jack Casady of the Jefferson Airplane was setting up his bass, Lowell George of Little Feet was warming up on flute, Graham, turning on the Hammond B3 and Mitch Mitchell setting up the drums. Noel Redding was in the control room with the engineer. My back was to the studio door. Then I felt something behind me... I looked over my shoulder... there was Jimi Hendrix, accompanied by two gorgeous blonds, one carrying his amp. and the other his guitar. He sat down, plugged in and proceeded to play the blues in the key of A. His veins were popping out of his neck as he squealed the high notes out of his Fender's Fender. It was totally awesome! The jam lasted two hours.

As we all finished gloating, listing to the playback, Hendrix, myself and some guy, I think he was a studio tech., stood in the corner, smoking a joint and pretended we were instruments. I was the drums, making "ka doom doom bop" noises with my mouth, Hendrix was... you guessed it, lead guitar with his mouth, and the guy was bass. I still don't know what happened to that tape. It's out there somewhere... anyone know where it is?

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