The Ultimate Coverband's Setlist
& Reunion Concert

featuring the original members & line-ups from:

The Beatless Sense Mongers | The Electric Slugs | Music Club | Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers | Industrial Noize Pollution

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The Ultimate Coverband -- 1st Set

  1. Sweet Tribute: Ballroom Blitz (Music Videos & More By This Band)
  2. Rod Argent: Hold Your Head High
  3. I'd Love to Change the World (MP3 Ten Years After Coversong) More. Info & Lyrics
  4. Supertramp: Bloody Well Right
  5. TNT (AC/DC salute) (More Info.)
  6. Talking Heads: Psycho Killer
  7. The Beatles / Aerosmith: Come Together
  8. Eddie Money: Two Tickets To Paradise
  9. Gary Wright: Dream Weaver
  10. Rush: Closer To The Heart (ogg)
  11. Yes: Seen All Good People
  12. Led Zeppelin: Stairway To Heaven

The Ultimate Coverband -- 2nd Set

  1. Queen: We Will Rock You
  2. Genesis: I Know What I Like
  3. The Romantics: What I Like About You
  4. The Cars: Just What I Needed
  5. The Kinks / Van Halen: You Really Got Me
  6. Heart: Crazy On You
  7. Black Sabbath (with Ozzy Osbourne): Paranoid
  8. Blue Oyster Cult: Godzilla
  9. Steve Miller: Fly Like An Eagle (More Info.)
  10. Police: Walking On The Moon
  11. Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
  12. Styx: Come Sail Away

The Ultimate Coverband -- If They Make Us Play More

Alternate Set

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