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Products and Services

Thank you for your interest in Commercial Clearwater Company. For over 20 years we have helped aquatics facilities in the New York Area with their swimming pool water chemistry. We specialize in chemical automation, as well as in dry chlorine feed systems. Our product lines include:

Acu-Trol Controllers for Swimming Pools

Acu-Trol Controllers

The Acu-Trol industrial controllers are micro-processor based general-purpose devices designed as stand-alone units. These controllers automatically and continuously monitor and control the temperature, conductivity, pH, flow, level and sanitizer levels for any size swimming pool.

Acu-Trol offers hassle-free control of pool water chemistry values 24 hours a day, by monitoring your chlorine/pH levels and activating your feeders as needed. It reduces chemical usage by as much as 30% - GUARANTEED. Remote access via modem connection to PC is available. You can also keep records of chemical activity. The system can call out to pagers when alarm conditions exist.

Pulsar Dry Feed Systems

The Pulsar Dry Feeder System

The Pulsar Dry Feeder System eliminates the hassles of storing & handling of Liquid Chlorine. Recent Legislation by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has made Liquid Chorine usage more difficult. Double wall Containment, Leak Alarms, Eyewash Stations, and Spill Response Plans are just some of the new requirements. The regulations are contained in 6 NYCRR Part 595 - 599; a copy of the regulations can be obtained by calling (888) 457-4351.

Calcium Hypochlorite not only chlorinates; it boosts your Calcium levels, protecting your pool from costly repairs from corrosion damage. Dry Chlorine has a longer shelf life, providing a cost savings compared to Liquid Chlorine usage, where evaporation of chemical occurs at high rates (30% loss per 10-15 days). Handling of dry chemical eliminates spill hazards associated with Liquid chlorine usage. Compared with other dry chlorination systems, The Pulsar System's use of "partial emersion erosion" makes it one of the most effective dry systems on the market.

Carbon Dioxide Feed System

Our Carbon Dioxide Feed System would eliminate the hazards and the hassles of handling acid-based products. Muriatic acid is dangerously corrosive; handling this chemical is very dangerous to the untrained. Dry acid (Sodium Bisulfate) is unfriendly to heating systems, in that this chemical precipitates in hot water, causing a corrosive form of scale.

Carbon Dioxide is a non-flammable gas. When mixed in water, it forms a very mild acid (Carbonic Acid), which is strong enough to maintain pool water within the appropriate pH range (7.2 - 7.8), without damaging your equipment. Since your facility already has a bulk CO2 tank in place, you can now benefit from this chemical in your pool, with minimal handling of CO2 cylinders.

Aquamax Pool Vacuums and Scubbers

AQUAMAX: The very best in Pool Vacuums

Does your current pool cleaning regimen have you climbing the walls? A quality pool vacuum can save you time and money, and the Aquamax series are the most efficient high performance vacuums available today. The Aquamax is controlled by an on-board microprocessor which directs the unit to brush, vacuum and filter up to 9,800 gallons of water per hour. Overnight cleaning of even the largest pools is now a reality!

There are five Aquamax models to choose from. Regardless of the size of your pool and your specific cleaning requirements and schedule, we can provide the correct Aquamax machine to do the right!

Certified Pool Operator Training Programs The CPO Training Institute for Swimming Pool Operation and Management


All commercial, public, apartment complexes, condos, hotels, motels, clubs - approximately 9,000,000, need CPO's to operate their facilities. The CPO course provides training for efficient, effective, economical and safe use of the aquatic facility.

Member National Swimming Pool Foundation WHO:

All operators, owners, managers, service companies, public health officers anyone who has an interaction with an aquatic facility.

Owners recognize operators will manage the facility more economically, efficiently and safer after they have taken the course and become Certified, CPO's. Each of the following facilities should have a CPO as part of their staff:

Hotels, motels, apartment complexes, municipal pools, all commercial public facilities, high schools, colleges, universities, swim clubs and golf, tennis, and fitness clubs that have pool or spa facilities.

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