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Referral Network &
Relocation Services
A nationwide no-cost service for individuals and employers.


Families seeking a home in another area who are referred to another office in the region where they are assured of prompt, courteous service that simplifies the otherwise perplexing task of finding the right home at the right price in the right area of their new but strange city.

House Hunting by Mail & Email

An office in the referral's new region will make contact and help determine the kind of house that is needed, the location, the size of your home, the price bracket, and the many other structural and neighborhood factors that are important in finding the right home. An analysis of current listings can be made, pictures and listings information of a cross section of recommended houses will be sent for the family's consideration. Complete information on the new city can be forwarded that will acquaint the family with their home town and the kind of houses that are available even before they pack their bags.

Personal Service

Every effort is made by the offices to make the initial visits of the transferee to the new region as pleasant and productive as possible. Reservations can be made at a hotel; appointments can be made to meet arrivals at their plane or train; members will take the time to explain the city and its neighborhoods, visit areas that have been selected for recommendation and inspect homes that meet the new arrival's needs. Everything possible will be done to make this difficult chore as easy and enjoyable as possible with the ultimate objective to find the right home for the family as quickly as possible and at a price that will make the purchase a profitable long term investment. Assistance will be given, if needed, in securing financing and getting professional counsel in handling legal details.