Jackie O

At Play at Her Horse Farm Getaway:
An Intimate View of a Kind and Generous Person

In the Northern Region of New Jersey lies an estate where Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis would frequent. It was at this estate where she would pursue one of her many passions, horses and the many finer details of being an equestrian.

On this estate a young girl named Elizabeth, whose parents served as caretakers to the horse farm located therein, came into the favorable realm of Jackie’s thoughtfulness and nurturing ways. Over the years Elizabeth had been considered by Jackie as one of the family, participating in birthdays and holidays throughout her formative years.

Over the years Elizabeth came to acquire numerous photos, cards, letters and paintings, many of which display Jackie's kind and generous ways. Within this website Elizabeth would like to share with you an intimate view of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis through the display of some of these items.

In the future you may want to return to this site for updates on a possible auction of some of these items.

Equestrian Photos
Personal Cards and Letters

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