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January 5, 2009
Ambler Main Street Green Committee Meeting Minutes

I. Reviewed old business
The group engaged a discussion about local development, businesses that are closing and businesses that are moving into town. The costs and benefits of their waste management and recycling practices were considered.

II. Bike / Walking Trails
The proposed improvements for bicycle trails by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission and the Montgomery County Planning Commission were located on printed and web maps. Existing bicycle racks are being identified.

III. Website
A. The green website at is being updated on a regular basis. Information and maps of the bike trails and bicycle racks are being created for posting there and on the borough's website.
B. A discussion on nominating and recognizing local businesses for their green practices helped to further the initiative. An interactive form for the general population to nominate a business has been incorporated into the website. Verde would likely be an early choice to highlight.

IV. Plastic Bag Free Ambler
An initiative to make Ambler a "plastic bag free" community was presented. The Green Committee is working in conjunction with the Ambler Environmental Advisory Committee. The largest distributors of plastic bags are to be contacted for their input. The committee will aim to contact CVS to encourage a "plastic bag free" policy at their opening.

V. Cardboard
Possibilities for bailing and recycling cardboard were discussed. The only identified bailer in town may be leaving (ACME). The committee will approach the owner to explore them leaving the bailer to the borough.