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FAQ: Going Green

Q: Why should we go green?
A: 1) It's the law. Federal law dictates that businesses adhere to certain green practices. Also, most states and local municipalities have laws and codes that dictate practices that are Earth friendly. Not going green could result in fines, penalties and lost business.
2) It can save you money. Many green practices save you money on your energy bill, purchases, waste management, as well as, employee health and welfare.
3) It can make you money. There are a multitude of ways to increase revenue by going green. Perhaps some of your waste products are valuable commodities, such as, aluminum or cardboard. Maybe your purchases or practices are worth tax credits or carbon credits. Other examples include grease for bio-diesel and using some fiber waste for composting.
4) It's the right thing to do. Going green helps society with sustainable living. What will happen to the next generation if we do not develop sustainable living habits?

Q: How do we go green?
A: Develop an environmental policy
Participate in a green purchasing network
Plan for solid waste disposal and recycling
Conduct an energy audit
Consider alternative energy resources, such as, bio-diesel, solar, wind, hydro, geothermal
Conservation: insulation, reduce thermostats in the winter, increase thermostats in the summer, compact florescent light bulbs, use timers on lights, plan trips, buy local, consider gray water disposal and use water reduction attachments. In general -- consume less, turn off and unplug.

Need additional help, resources or information?
This link lists The U.S. Library of Congress's index for sustainability.