Bike Trails & Bicycling Maps

The Ambler Green Committee seeks to improve bicycle routes and usage in Montgomery County. An effort is being made to:

  • coordinate existing trails
  • improve existing paths
  • plan for development
  • locate bicycle racks
  • install additional racks

If you can provide assistance, please contact us below.

Bike Racks
Bicycle racks currently can be found at:

  • SEPTA Train Station -- northbound station at the railroad tracks and Butler Pike
  • Library -- 209 Race street
  • YMCA -- Bethlehem Pike and Mt. Pleasant
Bicycling Road Map (A Bike Mobility Plan for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Policies (hereafter referred to as the "Road Map") is a strategic transportation planning document that answers the question: What needs to be done to increase the use of the bicycle as a travel mode and vehicle in Montgomery County? The Road Map identifies impediments to bicycling transportation and formulates goals, objectives, and recommendations to overcome the impediments.

The Road Map is the first plan for Montgomery County specifically aimed at improving bicycling conditions. In the past, bicyclists' needs have generally been overlooked because bicycling has not been a transportation priority. Recent advances in bicycle planning, including the preparation of the Road Map, have been spurred by the federal Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA). ISTEA mandates that long-range transportation plans incorporate bicycling as a legitimate form of travel.

Ambler Open Space Plan (.pdf)
Ambler's Open Space Plan proposes linking open space areas, offering bicycle access, crossing improvements, bike lanes and off-street amenities. PennDot offers non-recreational bicycle improvements for travel purposes. In particular, there are a category of projects for the Safe Routes To School program.

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