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Research And Development

Initiative: Explore the feasibility of having the businesses contract as a bundle with ONE waste hauler who truly recycles.

Tasks: door-to door interview of Ambler, PA, businesses to discover their current recycling practices and constraints in order to learn what advantages we can highlight and what disadvantages we need to overcome to enroll businesses in this idea.


These links are intended to help the committee share information among themselves. However, since the information may also be useful to the community, it is being shared with the public. Your input is welcome and appreciated.

Research on Single Hauler Trash Plans, Other Municipalities' Initiatives, Codes & Ordinances, and Recycling
This link provides background information on both local municipalities, such as, Whitpain Township, Upper Dublin Township and Lower Gwynedd Township, as well as, municipalities in other states.
Recycle Bank is a for-profit recycling business that serves Upper Dublin Township.
Blue Mountain recycling is a single-stream recycling company that Recycle Bank and Upper Dublin use to fullfil their recycling needs.
Paper Retriever is a recycling program by AbitibiBowater Paper and has recycling bins throughout Ambler Borough including the ACME parking lot and the schools.
The Childhood Leukemia Foundation has a clothes and shoes recycling program with a collection bin located in the ACME parking lot.
Planet Aid is a recycling program that specializes in clothes and computers with locations that include Philadelphia and Hatboro, PA.
Agri Power manufactures equipment that would allow Ambler to convert its trash to energy.


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