Is Saudi Arabia linked to al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden?

Actually doing something these days seems out of style.

everyone seems to talk about things instead.

i tink this is called 'deconstruction'.

here is an excercise

(anyone can tell me why we should believe the saudis .. after readin this, pleeze step rite up)

we begin with

a lil story bout money

an where it went

When the two Qaeda operatives arrived at Los Angeles International Airport around New Year's 2000, they were warmly welcomed. Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdhar would help hijack American Airlines Flight 77 and crash it into the Pentagon a year and a half later

About two months after al-Bayoumi began aiding Alhazmi and Almihdhar, NEWSWEEK has learned, al-Bayoumi's wife began receiving regular stipends, often monthly and usually around $2,000, totaling tens of thousands of dollars. The money came in the form of cashier's checks, purchased from Washington's Riggs Bank by Princess Haifa bint Faisal, the daughter of the late King Faisal and wife of Prince Bandar, the Saudi envoy who is a prominent Washington figure and personal friend of the Bush family.

Interestingly, Osama Basnan showed up in Houston last April when Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah came to town with a vast entourage en route to President George W. Bush's ranch. According to informed sources, Basnan met with a high Saudi prince who has responsibilities for intelligence matters and is known to bring suitcases full of cash into the United States-a practice not unheard-of among the Saudi elite. A Houston police report obtained by NEWSWEEK shows that Basnan complained he had been robbed of his Saudi passport and $400. It is dated April 25, the same week the crown prince was in town.

rebuttal from ambassador:

Bandar, in an interview posted late Tuesday on The New York Times' Web site, said he regretted that the donations were unfairly putting a strain on U.S.-Saudi relations.

so lets talk bout Bandar the ambassador

more about money 'n where it went:

Bandar, asked about the reports of corruption in the royal family, was almost up beat in his response. The family had spent nearly four hundred billion dollars to develop Sa udi Arabia, he said. "If you tell me that building this whole country . . . we misused or got c orrupted with fifty billion, I'll tell you, 'Yes.'. . . So what? We did not invent corruption, nor d id those dissidents, who are so genius, discover it."

and here is more rebuttal...

Adel al-Jubeir, an aide to Crown Prince Abdullah on international affairs, said Saudi officials cooperated with a U.S. investigation into the matter six months ago and believed the case was closed.

He said the princess was unaware the money would end up going to people linked to al Qaeda.

so lets look at Mr. Jubeir

This past Sunday evening, Miss Radwan's case came up on CBS's "60 Minutes." When anchor Mike Wallace asked Adel al-Jubeir, the Saudis' point man here, about Miss Radwan, Mr. al-Jubeir insisted he hadn't even heard of her until a month or so ago. Whereupon "60 Minutes" produced a letter about Miss Radwan's case--dated 1988 and signed by Mr. al-Jubeir himself.

and for more denials

Saudi intelligence officials scoff, however, at the suggestion that Prince Bandar's wife is being used to provide a slush fund for black ops. "To think that my government uses the bank account of the ambassadress to pay informants is both ludicrous and insulting," said Turki Al Faisal, former chief of Saudi intelligence.

so lets look at Turki

LONDON [MENL] -- Saudi Arabia was pressured to fire its intelligence chief because he was linked to Saudi billionaire fugitive Osama Bin Laden. King Fahd dismissed his security chief amid U.S. pressure to obtain Bin Laden from Afghanistan. The analysts said Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki Al Faisal failed to deliver Bin Laden to the United States.

those interested may google for bandar,jubeir,turki

and will see all kindsa interesting things

for xtra credit, lookup the names linked to them too


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