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the album
One Day was recorded in one day ... and maybe one day we can become one ... for a day. There are no overdubs ... second takes ... or preconceived notions -- totally live. We let it happen for a day. How about you? One day? Today?

If you made me describe it:
... is that you, Door-if, eee?

Here are some small bytes of places and sounds:
guitar, time, Horton's Woodshop
...and it registers a 9.5 on the Mohs' Scale.

The Band
Wally plays the acoustic and electric guitar.
Digital Yoda simultaneously plays the acoustic guitar,
keyboards, and sings ...? Oh yeah, a little harmonica, too.
Solidbone pounds the skins.

The Tunes
feature tune
When You Reign, I'm Poor

The Spectacle of the Crimson Glasses (.20M)
Free of the Stranglehold (.27M)
Down The Drain
Not What She Betrothed
Mother's Tears
na, na, na, na, na *implike grin*
A Long Way To Go
Cumin' Up Over Me
We' re Doin' Fine
Walk Away?
Hey, Baby (9M wav file song download)

Digital Yoda Interview

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