Feeling Funny

Feeling Funny (MP3)


Nothing's very funny,
When you've got no money,
Nothing feels fair,
When you cupboards are bare,
Unless you stop to think,
"How did I get there?"

When you've got no money,
Try to feel funny,
Have a Feel Fair,
I'd be glad to meet you there.
We'll make a big deal,
Of riding the Fair-us Wheel,
Or, just as well,
We'll ride the care-us-all,
All the rides are for free,
'n guaranteed to help you be,
The best "me!"
(Making us a better we.)


I'm feeling like funning,
My feet stink,
And, my nose is running.

I'm feeling a little funny:

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Cargo who?
Car go "beep beep and run over the Easter Bunny"

So, sorry! So, silly... but, I'm feeling a little funny.

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