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Hear ye! Here ye!
The imps have made the call,
For a festival.

For the small,
For the tall,
The short can report...
Even the big,
Are welcome to jig.

There's merriment,
A time when everything said,
Is meant,
A place where The Leader led,
And, we went...
Now, we stay all day to play,
Through the fading light...
Into the night.

Attention to all!
The imps are having a ball.
Follow the path,
With least wrath,
You can't miss the parade,
Out of the shade,
Feel free to join me,
Fuse with the flow.

Hey! Why not bring everyone you know?

Let's get imping,
There'll be no skimping,
Let's get jumping,
On giving living,
The limping begin walking,
The blind can see... yipeeeee!

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