What Went Wrong at the Pentagon?

Pentagon On Fire

The following is a conversation among The Think Tank and members of the audience.

A friend from Canada sent us email about what went wrong at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

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Hi it's alex...

Little news from Quebec... Let see what on the news... well war is at an important state. Your governement says he wants war against terrorism and weapon of mass destruction... You were surely informed that that was a huge hoax. For more than a decade, US want war against Irak for the Petroleum industry. Terrorism was just a front to make war to them. US want to monopole on Fuel. I'm not teaching you nothing today, I'm quite sure.

But what I learned today just threw me out of my chair litterally.

The pentagon(e) crash

The pentagon crash was said to be a plane that crashed in the pentagon. Alright, if so... where are the plane debris? And a plane would of been 1000 time more destructive. The press was told to remain silent on that matter. On sept. 11th and 12th press starting interogating on a possible hoax... on the 13th they were very silent on that matter and we never heard about it again.

A plane that crashes like in the towers, there is a large black cloud formed due to Jet fuel. The explosion in the pentagone had no severe black fumes. No debries...
PLUS, about a hundred people that were near clame to have saw a US air force plane cargo pass by... Debries of missiles were found... and the most obvious facts of all... notice the whole in the pentagone... Much too small for a plane... and it goes through in the middle of the building leaving at its middle a very small whole...

No bodies were found... but a small plane debris was found... but surprisingly it did not match the missing plane. The airline clearly said, that debris is not from our plane that dissapeared.

But the worst thing in all of that... where the hell is the plane?!?!

It is very clear that the pentagone crash wasn't a plane but a US missile... The only thing to understand now... is why did they do it? And why did US army officials call the army offices in the 2 towers to say not to go to work on the 11th? On the 11th all the army offices were empty... This is something that we will sadly never know. The press and the medias are giving controled information to the nation.

Canadian government were informed about these facts and Canada know that this war isn't against terrorism but a personal vendetta that is in the Bush family for the exclusivity on the petrol... That is mainly why Canada isn't cooperating ...

Pentagon Damage From 911

here are a variety of responses on the war thread:

we have a friend who works at the pentagon... he lost 200 of his people that day... i spoke to his brother shortly afterward... he seemed to think the reported story was true.

and, my eyes saw the plane hit the world trade towers... hmmm... i never saw any plane debris from word trade center... nor did i hear the black box recordings... only from the plane that went down near Pittsburgh. (i'd guess the explosion was tooo powerful)

and... i just relooked at the pentagon pictures i have... they are pretty convincin'... sure looks like a plane hit it... a missile, etc wouldn't come in at that angle... plus there were plenty of eye witnesses

i'll check around some more

american society of civil engineers (ASCE) did a full analysis of the impact into the pentagon crash.

the place was designed to be a fortress... that is why the plane didn't do more damage.

Alex has a right to his opinion. There will always be information that is not appropriate for the general mass population and I am comfortable with that.

I would agree that oil is one motivating factor, however, the instability that Saddam poses for the entire region threatens the entire economic future for the planet.

So, what do we do now? Wait for Saddam to set off a nuclear device and destroy the oil reserves for the next billion years or so? I think he's got to go. I don't think war is the best answer, but that's not my decision to make.

Open dialogue is a good thing...


this is a conspiracy theory from 2 French authors ... quite untrue i believe

i have a buddy here whose step dad (a history prof. at Ohio State) was across the street from the pentagon when it happened ... he was supposed to be there that am, but got delayed

I was at the Pentagon site late in the day of the crash with the chief of the Pentagon (Security) Police.

I guess the 3,000 lives and 200 stories of building which were wiped off the face of the earth that day must have been inspired by altruism.

In short, kiss my ass.

Pentagon Collapse

alex suggests:


Look at this picture... does a plane fit in there? The wings don't fit... and a greater damage would of been done...


In these pictures taken between 9h40 and 10h10 before the building collapse... the whole done... and wouldn't a plane would of done greater damage more than a small whole?


Here again with greater resolution


Look at the grass... untouched by plane debris and jet fuel...


Here 2 pictures... the one on top... a kerosene truck that is burning.. notice de thick black cloud...

Picture below a plane crash..!?!?!?! white, white clean smoke...


The explosion happened from the inside... look at the building how its not that damaged...


AND HERE!!! notice the whole done by the plane... now come on... that not a plane that done that... clearly a missile


Here again... the whole done by the missile's course.


And again


This is very laughable indeed... This was found... a plane debris... which by the way does not match with the plane that is missing. The airline declared that this is not a debris from there planes...


This kind of plane was seen not very long before the crash


1: Notice de white smoke of propulsion...
2: Cloud of water steam under pressure
3: The explosion comes from inside the building


Notice the 2 smokes... pentagon is not the colour of a hydrocarbon flame.

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