July 2, 2005

There was no surprise of the heart.  Somewhere between
hundreds of thousands and a million and a half people...
all with a good thought in mind and an open heart... feels

That's what I went to see.  That's what I got.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by some bands
that I had never respected.

Toby Keith -- what is that country?  Whaterver it is,
sounded good. And, the cover of Phil Collins',
Another Day In Paradise hit the spot.

Def Leppard -- rocked.

Maroon 5 -- kicked butt on a cover of Neil Young's,
Keep On Rockin' In The Free World.

Linkin Park -- blew the crowd away... I lost sight of them
when the port-a-pots became grandstands.

There was no surprise with Stevie Wonder.  I'd always imagined
he was a special presence.  And, he is.  Higher Ground elevated
the masses and knocked the funk out of 'em.

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