Ray Davies of The Kinks

There were a couple of things that really got me about the show.

Luckily, I had some nice seats. And, getting to hear the old, old songs and the new stuff played together in surround sound was better than lazing on a sunny afternoon. (Ya, know it's kinda hard to put a best of Ray Davies collection together... because the sound quality and recording techniques varied so drastically over the years.)

Another surprise was the energy and enthusiasm of both the band and the crowd. I was expecting a more reserved atmosphere. But, everyone was rockiní. And, there were quite a few songs that had that "kick-in" effect where it starts off kinda quiet... then, BAM! Itíd blow me off my feet each time.

The unplugged Village Green Preservation Society segment was like getting 2 shows for the price of one. The accordion reminded me of the days when The Kinks would have a tuba player or use other "wacky" instruments for a rock band.

Prior to the show, I didnít know how much new material I wanted to hear. But, now I know -- as much as possible. The new songs were every bit as good as the old ones. Sometimes you donít realize or appreciate getting to see the latest material until years later... when you missed the tour for your favorite album, and now they have more tunes to choose from. So, you never get to hear those songs played live. The Tourist sticks out as one of these gems. (He mentioned New Orleans and the irony of it all.)

Catch it while you can!

Here are the songs they played:

1. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
2. Where Have All The Good Times Gone
3. Till The End Of The Day
4. 20th Century Man
5. Oklahoma USA
6. Village Green
7. Picture Book
8. Animal Farm
9. Johnny Thunder
10.Sunny Afternoon
11. Dead End Street
12. After The Fall
13. Next Door Neighbour
14. Creatures Of Little Faith OPL
15. Over My Head
16. The Tourist
17. Low Budget


18. London Song
19. Stand Up Comic
20. Things Are Gonna Change (The Morning After)
21. Long Way From Home
22. The Getaway (Lonesome Train)
23. Tired Of Waiting
24. Set Me Free
25. All Day And All Of The Night

26.You Really Got Me
27. Lola

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