What Went Wrong?

A Virtual Game About the Reality of the Music Business

Stay Tuned... because coming soon: Tries to Censor this Site

And, we ask the SEC:

Dear SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission),

Is it illegal for a publicly traded company ( to try to silence a shareholder from publicly airing their grievances?

I am such a shareholder and am under attack by the legal department.


Dear FTC (Federal Trade Commission):

As a musician, I had earned money under's pay-per-play program. Because the executives at did not approve of my philosophy, they have removed my website.

Is allowed to promise me money and then keep it?

Also, by destroying my website, they have caused significant financial harm to my business. (They did so without notice.)

Are you the proper agency for such matters?

What Went Wrong?

If you can properly complete the form below (and describe to us in your own words) what went wrong with, we will offer you a reward.

A panel of educational experts, musicians and music business professionals will review your thoughts. To achieve favor, all that you need do is score higher than a B+. After all, Every Good Boy Deserves Favor. (That is an attempt at some musical humor. E,G,B,D, and F are the notes represented by lines on a musical staff.)

Should you receive a favorable grade, you will be offered an experimental music project in your choice of either CDROM, mini-disc, VHS, or audio cd format.


Can You Tell Us What Went Wrong?

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Thank you.

Please stay tuned as we continue to explore and experiment with the music industry and the Internet. (IUMA, intermediaries, Napster and more.)

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