Album Reviews



MCA Records

A nice collection of pretty ethereal pop/rock songs. I would have personally liked for the band to have included at least a couple more songs on this package.

- The Wild Card


"The Bends"

EMI Records

This sophomore album sounds very much like their first, "Pablo Honey." Nothing really stands out as a solid single. If you liked the first CD, you will like this. This sounds very much like James. Not for everyone, but not bad.

- Tom DeMann




This re-release of a 1990 debut has great acoustic on many of its tracks. It's pretty eclectic, with heavier, Tool-ish tunes like "Sick Half of a Church," and lighter grooves such as "Love You All." Sean Kirkpatrick lays down some solid beats on the kit, and the overall feel is very polished, professional and smooth. Maybe too smooth, but for a debut (albeit a re-release), this is good stuff. Definitely worth a listen.

- Cheryl Bowles