What's On Mary's Mind?

The notes and utterings are as revealed to me by an unnamed sage. I have attempted to relay them to you in an unadulterated form; however, I do fear that I have failed.

This series of translations has to do with realized eschatology -- Heaven on Earth. It was brought to me by a female of nymph-like origin. Who would ever have thought of Emmanuel's Ma as a sex symbol?

What do I mean? Perhaps the best method is for self-ingestion… in large loud doses… or through headphones. If one becomes part of "it", maybe it will be more easily understood?

Mary's Mind
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the songs
  1. When the first are last... and the meek shall inherit the Earth.
    C. Moore: Keyboards, Guitar

  2. Mary, mother of Jesus, can you tell me the way that things will be?
    Murdeza~ Crows: Keyboards, Vocals
    Church Patrons on Christmas Eve: Vocals
    Cool Hand: Guitar

  3. For sure... I can feel "the end" coming; however, the answer might be to share... to share your lovin'?
    Digital Yoda: Hammond B3, Vocals
    Cool Hand: Guitar
    Capn': Drums
    Marty: Bass

  4. Tryin' to find the inside of Mary's mind.
    C. Moore: Keyboards, Guitar

All music is handcrafted.

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