Leadhead's Longe

by Shane Copher



Energy Records

Rob "Wacko" Hunter has done an excellent job on the production here. Every ounce of energy is brought along to make a collection of good material a great album. Billy Milano, Tom Klimchuck, Rob Moschetti, and Dave Chavarri unleash a frantic and brutal assault on your senses. Tons of aggression, topical lyrics, and focused arrangements make this an essential release. Madness with a message -- check this one out! It "kicks!"

Boy Howdy

"Born That Way"

Curb Records

Boy Howdy has built a reputation on smooth harmonies, catchy melodies, and memorable hooks, all of which you'll find here, on the latest.

"True To His Word," the first single, is already shooting up the charts, and there are several potential follow-up songs included on this album.

"Bigger Fish to Fry," the opening track, has a touch of that hillbilly humor and seems like a good candidate.

All in all, a very safe, commercial release that is sure to satisfy existing fans, but nothing daring enough to draw new members to the flock.

Son of Slam

"Trailer Parks, Politics & God"

Outlaw Records

Absolutely "the" independent release of 1994, Son of Slam fills a much needed void in today's heavy music scene.

Take Soundgarden, Black Oak Arkansas, and Guns N' Roses, throw them in a big ol' musical blender, and the end result would sound something like S.O.S..

The songs range from the grunge-like churning of "Holes" to the all out blitz of "Rock-N-Roll Nigger," a remake of the Patti Smith classic. Demolition drumming, throbbing bass, and guitars o' plenty (even some nifty slidework) slap this outfit on the top of the hard rock heap. "Essential listening..." Grab this one quick!



Pavement Music

This impressive debut from Oklahoma's Uglystick displays finely layered rhythm arrangements, mature songwriting skills, and a vocal clarity that lets us kick back and absorb the material.

The twelve songs included on this CD are diverse enough to appeal to many different listeners, dodging the alienation that comes with most grunge, metal, and progressive bands... A nice blend of strong material and clear production, you'll enjoy this! Great crunch.